Sustainable sourcing is defined by Bristol Meat Machine Ltd as buying products and services while taking into account environmental, social, ethical and economic aspects over the whole product or service life cycle which best meet our customer needs.

Our mission is to provide consistent quality meat products from sustainable sources. We want our customers to enjoy meat that has been sourced responsibly and seek to only do business with suppliers who understand the nature of the products, materials and services they are supplying, and who recognise their responsibility to protect the environment and foster good relations with their employees and local communities. We will use our influence as a procurer of products and services to drive sustainable improvement throughout the supply chain.

  • Work in collaboration with suppliers to achieve continual improvement and common sustainable goals.
  • Encourage practices that minimise environmental impact and reduce waste streams through implementation of lean principles.
  • Maximise the amount of recycled material and reduce the amount of material that can’t be recycled in our packaging
  • Maximise product shelf-life.