Your order will either arrive within a sealed bag with your products separately packaged inside or a cardboard box for bigger/heavier orders.

As your orders are prepared, stored and transported with temperature-controlled gel packs & insulated bag. Therefore, making our packaging very eco-friendly and mainly curb side recyclable! 

  • CHICKEN BREAST & BONELESS CHICKEN THIGH PACKAGING - Our Chicken Breast & Boneless Chicken Thighs are packaged within a gas flushed environment. This means that during the packaging process any air/oxygen is extracted and replaced with an inert gas such as Nitrogen. This is completely safe & prolongs the shelf life of the product considerably. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE INERT GAS USED IS NOT ODORLESS. Once the package is opened the smell of the gas inside the packaging can take a minute or 2 to disperse. This is completely normal.
  • VACUUM-PACKED PRODUCTS - We will sometimes pack your products within a vacuum sealed food safe pouch. This is to prolong the shelf life of your product, to prevent any leaks (& cross contamination) and to make these items as compact and as easy to store as possible when they arrive at your door! PLEASE NOTE THAT RED MEAT ITEMS SUCH AS BEEF WILL TURN A DARK RED/BROWN COLOUR WHEN PACKAGED IN THIS WAY. This is completely normal and you will find that once taken out of the packaging and exposed to oxygen again the red colour will start to re-appear. 

Once you receive your order please make sure that all seals on Gas Flushed & Vacuum-Packed items have not been broken. The expiry dates on these items are based on an unbroken seal. Once the seal is broken please use this product within 2 days or before the expiry date shown, whichever comes first.

We recommend that any meat products you don’t intend on using within the first 2 days from delivery that you freeze these products on the day of delivery.