£10.00 £30.00

Fresh English, lamb breast stuffed with onion & sage stuffing bloody lovely!

We tried this a few weeks back out on the lorries & WOW we were surprised at how fast they went out we had calls coming in asking to order.

Unfortunately, it was too late by this point.

However, at the steal of only £10 per beautifully rolled lamb joint, you won't find a bit of lamb as cheap as this on the market. Whilst lamb is on the rise, typically we would charge £15 per kg (time of writing this page).

These were well received with many people asking for this too, so after our trial run, we have now added it to the site for you to enjoy.

Lamb breast isn't as lean as the boned & rolled English lamb leg but it does serve a purpose to feed the cravings for a bit of lamb, whilst adding the additional flavour of the stuffing mix.

Typical weight is 1.5-1.8kg 

English Rolled & Stuffed Breast Lamb
£10.00 £30.00

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