As always we do what we can to support other British butchers & farmers, this week we have been asked to see if we can help with clearing some bacon from another family ran butchers, passing on a cracking deal to you.

Bacon typically between 900g-1kg per pack, only £3 per pack or grab 5 for £12.

This has been offered to us & we thought it would be ideal to pass this awesome deal on to your family.

The odd pack may be miss-shaped however the quality doesn't lie at this price, we have taken 6 pallets of this in order to help another British family run company out.

Doing what we can to support our community.

The product is frozen as seen in the photo, easily store away for the Sunday morning English breakfast. unsure how long we will have this but we don't expect them to be here for long so grab them whilst we have this special offer around & not to mention supporting another British family ran poultry farm with each sale.


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