£25.00 £45.00

Fresh British Tomahawk Steaks

The Real deal has just landed, Fresh British Tomahawk Steaks with an option for a deal that breaks the UK Market Price on these beauties!

Being £20 per kg, you know that you are getting good deals, with the meat machine guarantee you can rest assured these beauties will be a great meal for any Steak Connoisseur.

(If being ordered via delivery we may have to cut in order to fit into your delivery box)

To those who don't know, a tomahawk steak is the continue reading!

A Tomahawk Steak is simply a bone in rib of beef, the red meat on the end of the rib end is actually a ribeye, consisting of a juicy dream full of flavour. With a deep and vibrant marble of fat through the steak.

This insulates the meat whilst it cooks making this a mouth-watering sensation due to the tenderness of this gorgeous steak.

Best when grilled on a bbq, coal is better!

Fresh British Tomahawk Steak
£25.00 £45.00

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