£22.00 £28.00

You are certainly in for a treat if you love pork, this fantastic piece of art done by our master butchers. Fully De-boning, Stuffing & Rolling with stuffing mix makes this the perfect midweek family dinner.

Breaking down the current prices, we are able to get this at £2 per 1lb (currently)
We don't have loads but we do have enough to enjoy this week, all beautifully scored to add that extra bit of crispy crackling this is a meal you'd be wanting to add into your weekly cooking routine,

Typically 4.5-5.5kg in weight for half or 9.5-11kg in weight for a whole

(we will need to cut in 2 halves to fit in the box, so you can tell a whole one is huge!)

Limited: English Pork Loin, Belly Boned & Rolled!
£22.00 £28.00

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