£59.99 £79.99

Designed to have a variety of roasting joints for one month of Sundays, this pack is the perfect accompaniment to our popular Family Freezer Pack

All joints have been cut fresh, pre-packed and then frozen for your convenience. Simply open your Month of Sundays meat box and place your individual item straight in your freezer ready for Sunday, or whenever you fancy roast dinner. 

Each Month of Sundays pack contains:

1x 1.5kg joint of our Signature Grain Fed Beef 

1x 2kg Pork Crackling Joint 

1x 1.6-2kg Gammon Slipper Joint 

2x Chickens  

1x 1.1-1.3kg British Boneless Lamb Joint

Each joint is ideal to feed a family of 4, please leave 12-24 hours for the individual joints to defrost in your fridge - just add veg and gravy!

All for just £59.99


Month of Sundays Freezer Pack
£59.99 £79.99

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